About Pastel

We Make Things For Real People

Pastel Personal Care was born from the Pastel Collective, a group of people from all walks of life who work with us to create personal care products they actually want. Because when people are seen, heard, and invited into the process, the results are far better than “normal.”

Through candid conversations about our everyday lives, we built a brand that reflects the daily needs of real people. Consideration is always given to how our innovation can be utilized and fully integrated into people’s lives.

Because bad day happens, and that’s just fine. PASTEL is here to help make it a little bit better.


Creative Personal

Care that fits your life


Pastel Personal Care wants to be the pioneer in the creative personal care space.

We innovate in 3 layers of health experience

Body / Physical Health :
User Experience Design that perfectly
integrated into your lives.
Mind / Emotional Health :
Scent Design that helps you get through your day.
Soul / Mental Health :
Education Design that helps remind you how to live a happy life.

Pastel On Sustainability today, And Tomorrow

PASTEL was built by and for people from all walks of life, because we wanted to make products that work well for anyone. But it’s not just about whether a product is effective—but also, does it feel good? Does it look good? Is it safe for my body? Is it safe for the planet?

We’ve leaned on The PASTEL Collective to help us both answer, and prioritize, these questions from the very beginning.

As a company (and as people who share this planet) sustainability is important to us. We know we still haven’t got it all figured out.


When we set out to create PASTEL, we aimed to make our packaging as sustainable as possible. We are proud of some of our success in this goal and know we have room to improve as well. We are continuing to work hard to make future productions of the brand more and more sustainable.

While many of our products are currently recyclable, a couple are less so. We are committed to finding opportunities to do better and—based on interest and feedback from people like you—working together for a more sustainable future.


X8 is a consumer product design company focused on the personal care space. We create new brands and products with the very people we are seeking to serve. Everything from our name to the types of products we sell are inspired by and created with the people who will use them.

PASTEL was created with real people who were involved in the development of the products, making them the foundation and ambassadors of the brand: the PASTEL Collective. The conversations we have with you about your bodies, your lives, your feelings, and your everyday rituals are the secret ingredient in every PASTEL product.


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