Clever Personal Care Collection

Pastel Clever Product Line is a seamless solution to integrate into your life. The 3 solutions of Pastel Clever Product Line are


Clever Mask Clip

The Clever Mask Clip is a compact, rectangular piece that clips onto your face mask.

The Clever Mask Clip comes in a variety of bright colors and it will allow for customization. With the scent holder inside, you can keep unwanted smells away anywhere anytime.


Pocket Inhaler

The Clever Pocket Inhaler that fits in your pocket or hang onto your neck.

The Clever Pocket Inhaler comes in a variety of bright colors allowing you to pick and choose your style. With the shape of a soft bullet, it can easily slip into your pocket. Unlike any other inhaler, it has holes on its cap for lanyard attachment. Stay hands free as you turn the inhaler into a wearable accessory. It gives a strong scent with a kick at the end making you feel refresh once inhaled.

Purse Inhaler & Balm

Coming Soon

The Clever Purse inhaler and balm maximizes flexibility of use by combining both products into one.

The Clever purse Inhaler & Balm comes in different colors on its bodies and straps. With patterned etching on one body, it allows you to grip onto it while twist opening to access the inhaler. A unique top entry clasp was designed to allow for easy access to the balm. The ribbon strap lets your finger slip through it while holding the product in your hand. With organic scents on both the inhaler and the balm, it is the alternative solution that lives in your bag.


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