Product – what is it ?

What is Clever Mask Clip ?

Clever Mask Clip is a compact, rectangular clips that compatible with all types of masks. With the scent gel that is safe for health inside, so you can keep unwanted smells away anywhere anytime.

What material is the Clever Mask Clip made of ?
Is it safe for your health ?

Pastel Clever Mask Clip are made of food-grade plastic mixed with Nano-Zinc that has antibacterial properties and it has been verified that the materials used are free from mercury and lead contamination.

The scented gel has been invented, manufactured and packaged by a factory that has received cosmetic production standards, Therefore, it is safe throughout its shelf life.

Product - Production ?

What is the scented gel made from ?

The Pastel scented gel are made from Cosmetic-grade Raw material. It’s tested by a laboratory in a certified production facility. that have been lab tested in certified manufacturing facilities.

What material does the clip use ?

The clip made of food-grade plastic mixed with Nano-Zinc that has antibacterial properties and it has been verified that the materials used are free from mercury and lead contamination.

Product – How to Use ?

How to use it ?

Just remove the foil seal above the clip and clip onto a face mask by putting the gel holder inside

What kind of mask can the Clever mask clip be used with ?

Pastel Clever mask clip are designed to be used with all types of masks.

Is the Clever mask clip heavy? Does it affect while wearing a mask or not ?

Pastel Clever mask clip are made from lightweight materials and has a shape that is designed to fit the curves of the face to avoid gaps between the face and the mask.

Product - Hygiene ?

How to clean the product ?

Pastel clip material is using technology from Japan that combines Nano-Zinc that is effective in inhibiting bacteria.

If you want to clean the product, just use a wet paper to wipe the plastic part of the clip.

Product - Refill?

Is clever mask clip refillable ?

Right now, the product is non-refillable. But we will be working on the refillable version.

Pastel creative encourage people to do a repurpose concept. When the product is used up, please don’t throw it away, but find the way to use is again . Such as ; being a bag clip , a charger wire clip , ETC.

Product – Shelf life ?

How long can it be used ?

About 3-5 days after opening the foil If you put back in the package.

People ?

Who can use clever mask clip ?

Clever Mask Clip can be use with every gender who aged over 5 years old. For pregnant women, make sure that you don’t have any breathing problems.

Price ?

Product Price ?

50 baht per pack (inside contains 2 pcs)

Scent ?

How many scent does the Clever Mask Clip have ?

Clever Mask Clip has 5 scents, giving off a mild, cool and refreshing scent all day long.

1. Blue Clip :Winter Frost scent : Breathe in the cool, crisp smell of winter’s air. A fresh minty scent will sure keep you refreshed and revived in the midst of Thailand's heat.

2. Green Clip :After the Rain scent: Let the refreshing and earthy scent comfort you, as if you were in a lush green forest after the rain.

3. Yellow Clip :Summer Morning scent: Brighten your day and lift your spirits with a fresh yet clean and gentle scent. You will feel like you are waking up to the zesty summer freshness all day.

4. Red Clip :Blooming in Spring scent: Be transported to a garden where colorful flowers are bursting into bloom. It’s a delightful floaty floral scent that awakens your bright and lively mood.

5. Purple Clip :Midnight in Fall scent : It is a scent that calms you down during your hectic day, clears your mind, and helps you stay focused. It is reminiscent of restful nights in fall.

Order Channel ?

Order Channel ?


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